domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

Te echaré de menos, te lo olvides.

I love you, as he had never loved anyone before. I missed you every second that it was not you, in every moment that was not on your side. But it's all over. I do not know if you,for me, or both, just know that I have no longer have to worry if you do not call me every night, if I miss the bus, if you do not answer my messages. Made mistakes, likeeveryone, is not it, may not be perfect, but it was us, right?.
I feel so lost ... Tell me what to do now. Tell me, please. Now that you're not here with menow that I have no concern if you are angry.
This is not over, how not?, is just one of these silly fights we used to have. Help me, I beg you.
'The movie does not end until we read: end'!
I'll miss you, love you, do not forget.

But today I have wanted to see you, want you. Far is very relative, the distance itself isrelative.

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